For the Paws Summit

The only international
fundraising conference for
animal welfare charities.

March 5, 6 & 7, 2024
Virtual, from anywhere!

Hundreds of animal welfare fundraisers from 6 countries

Coming together to share, learn from our peers and build a network.

Together, we represent thousands of years of experience –
just think of how many more animals we can help when we harness that collective wisdom!

Who should attend the Summit?

Everybody who fundraises for animal welfare should attend!

  • Sessions will showcase directly applicable successful and innovative fundraising practices within the animal welfare movement.
  • The Summit is designed to facilitate dialogue with fundraising peers internationally with networking sessions by area. Attendees will leave with an international network of peers in their fundraising area to share innovations, best practices and solutions.
  • Pricing and complimentary registrations are intended to make it easier for leaders to sign up their entire team.


The Summit runs 2.5 hours a day over 3 days in order to get many time zones together during at the same time. Our apologies if your local hours are a bit (or a lot!) anti-social! All session recordings will be available to attendees 7-10 days after the event.

Here’s the times:  
UK & Europe (GMT)  20:30-23:00  March 5,6 &7
North America (PDT) 12:30 to 15:00  March 5,6 &7
Australasia (AEDT)  7:30-10:00 March 6,7 & 8

You can convert based on a 12:30 PDT start time to your local time here.

Day 1


Opening Remarks: Shoni Field, For the Paws & BC SPCA

Time elapsed

Session Room 1

Session Room 2

Session Room 3



1a Unlocking the Power of Digital Marketing for Nonprofit Fundraising

2a Tugging at Heartstrings Without Pulling Punches: The New Rules of Fundraising

3a Charitable gaming events: Start or grow yours today!






1b Donor-Centric Phone & Text Strategies to Boost Your Fundraising Efforts

2b Creative Corporate Sponsorships

3b Maximizing Impact with AI


Closing Remarks

Closing Remarks

Closing Remarks

Day 2

Session Room 1

Session Room 2

Session Room 3


Opening Remarks

Opening Remarks

Opening Remarks


1c: Cool Cats and Capital Campaigns

2c Pioneering Upstream Solutions in Dog Welfare: Dogs Trust Ireland’s Journey of Leadership and Innovation

3c P2P Fundraising for Animal Rescue and Medical Needs






1d Social Enterprise for Nonprofits

2d Empowering Equity, Diversity and Reconciliation in the Animal Welfare Sector

3d Using Data Analytics to unlock budgets and drive Legacy Marketing


Workshop (StratCom): The Importance of Text in Your Annual Fundraising Plan

Discussion: TBD

Discussion: TBD

Day 3

Session Room 1

Session Room 2

Session Room 3



Opening Remarks 

Opening Remarks 

Opening Remarks 


1e How to tell your organization's story using multiple points of view.

2e How to Raise More Money than You Ever Dreamed Possible Keys to Building Powerful Major Giving and Planned Giving Programs

3e How to use interactive content to boost donations






1f 5 Ingredients for a Successful Major Gift Solicitation

2f What Sydney learnt from Detroit

3f Top 10 Learnings in Animal Welfare Fundraising


Care 2

Closing Remarks: Claire Kerr (Care2)

& Shoni Field (For the Paws and BC SPCA)

2024 Sessions*

5 Ingredients for a Successful Major Gift Solicitation

Carol Spychalski, Vice President of Philanthropy, San Diego Humane Society

Inviting a major gift can be an exciting — and nerve wracking — experience. However, when we know we’ve hit our five essentials, we can enter the conversation confident that our invitation is compelling, appropriate and highly likely to meet a positive response. In this session, we will cover the five elements to making an effective major gift solicitation — all items that each of us has the ability to implement.

Attendees will learn immediately-actionable tools to set the solicitation meeting up for a greater chance of success, the most effective language to use in making an ask, how to build a specific and compelling proposal and more.

Tess and Alina Image Portraits

Charitable gaming events: Start or grow yours today!

Alina Wilson, Senior Officer Digital Giving and Tess Repenning, Senior Director Revenue Development , BC SPCA

Whether your organization is small or big, learn how to start your own successful lottery. From hiring a lottery service provider, to selling out your tickets with thoughtful marketing strategies, this session will give you the information you need to begin or grow your organization’s charitable gaming. Gaming rules and regulations vary by region, however this presentation is a great starting point for organizations anywhere online charitable gaming is permitted.

Key learnings include:

  • Things to know before you start
  • Strategic planning including timing, budgeting and ticket allocations
  • Marketing strategies
  • Planning for the long-term growth of your event(s)

Cool Cats and Capital Campaigns

Erin Walkey, Director of Philanthropy, BC SPCA & Liz LeClair, Sargasso Philanthopic

Capital campaigns are complex creatures. Whether your campaign goal is $6M or $60M, there is a ton of dreaming, planning, networking, failing and celebrating involved. Throw in a global pandemic, an economic downturn and the shifting landscape of animal welfare and the journey gets even more complex – and exciting!

Liz and Erin have been on parallel journeys on opposite Canadian coasts, inspiring big hearted animal lovers to extend a helping hand to beloved pets and their humans. They share a common goal – to bring us closer to the day when all animals are happy and healthy.

Learning #1 – Managing expectations when many of the project details are TBD – and beyond your control!

Learning #2 – Maintaining fundraising momentum when the project feels bogged down in bureaucracy.

Learning #3 – Thriving within the chaos.

Creative Corporate Sponsorships

Kelly Kraft, Corporate Giving Specialist, Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region

Corporate sponsors can feel like a whole different ball game in the fundraising and events space due to nuances surrounding the benefits the sponsor receives (i.e. social media & advertising recognition). Let’s discuss creative sponsorship packages that are scalable, executable, and mission-driven to elevate the fundraising potential of your nonprofit and special events! Learn best practices in creating creative opportunities for sponsorship, soliciting new business, navigating “no” in declining potential sponsors, and ensuring success with your corporate partners.

  • Brainstorm and create creative sponsorship opportunities that work for special events and organizational programs you’re already doing!
  • Learn best practices for creating new sponsorship opportunities and how to solicit new sponsors.
  • Better understand your organization, and the possibilities for saying “yes” – and where it makes sense to say, “no” to requests (and how to phrase that no!).

Donor-Centric Phone & Text Strategies to Boost Your Fundraising Efforts

Jerome Cheung, Senior Fundraising Consultant & Betty Won, Digitial Strategy Manager - Strategic Communications

This session will focus on integrated fundraising planning, where we’ll explore how to maximize the effectiveness of tele-fundraising and digital tools like text. We’ll highlight the importance of prioritizing the donor journey and segmenting donor files.

Learn how spreading engagement, stewardship, and direct fundraising campaigns across the year can enhance donor experiences and donation outcomes. Discover strategies for targeting donors at optimal times in their journey, aligning outreach efforts with donors’ preferences and journey milestones. Don’t miss this opportunity to revolutionize your approach and create personalized experiences that resonate with each unique donor.

How to Raise More Money than You Ever Dreamed Possible: Keys to Building Powerful Major Giving and Planned Giving Programs

Kelley Likes, Vice President of Philanthropy, Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region & Rich Anderson, Anderson Impact Group

How would you like to raise twice as much money for your organization? How about three, four, or five times as much as you raise today? If you said “yes!” then this is the session for you. We’ll discuss what it takes to build powerful Major Giving and Planned Giving Programs and you’ll walk away with proven strategies, techniques, and tools for your organization.

  • How to identify major donor and planned giving prospects
  • How to communicate with these donors
  • How to cultivate and build strong donor relationships
  • How to make the ask

How to tell your organization’s story using multiple points of view.

Rachel Zant, Pen with a Purpose

Does it seem like you tell the same story, in the same voice, over and over again? In this session, you’ll learn how to identify new perspectives or points of view for the stories you tell. You’ll learn how to use different voices to tell authentic and compelling stories, and interview tips you can use to dig deep and find the most emotional part of your storyteller’s tale. This will ultimately help you to raise more money and connect more authentically with your donors.

Key Learnings:

  • How to identify and use different perspectives in your storytelling;
  • Interview tips that help you get to the ‘heart’ of the matter;
  • Real world examples of how you can use different perspectives to raise more money.

How to use interactive content to boost donations

Claire Kerr, Director - Canada, Care2

In the offline world, relationship-building with your current community is key to securing donations for your cause. Your online community also deserves your attention, but do you know the best messages to use when targeting them with digital content?

In this session, Claire Kerr of Care2 will use case studies from Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals International, African Wildlife Foundation and others to demonstrate the famous “marketing rule of 7” that says your audience needs to see your messaging multiple times before taking action. You’ll learn the research behind marketing messages that prompt people to take action.

Claire will show you which types of interactive messages prompt reactivation, more frequent donations, and increased new gifts from your community members.

Your list members & past donors are the folks who care most about your work – this session will break down how interactive messaging can improve their likelihood to convert. You’ll leave with practical, actionable insights to improve your digital content creation!

Maximizing Impact with AI: Human Connections and Efficiency in Animal Welfare Fundraising

Charly Jarrett, Nonprofit Digital Specialist

This session examines the dual role of AI in transforming animal welfare fundraising. While acknowledging the unmatched value of face-to-face connections in fundraising, we will explore how AI enhances these interactions by automating routine tasks such as data analysis, email management, and financial operations. By alleviating the burden of mundane activities, AI enables staff to focus on personalized donor engagement and strategic initiatives. We will also delve into how AI optimizes donor identification and behavior prediction, streamlining fundraising campaigns and improving resource allocation. This session aims to showcase how the strategic integration of AI can lead to increased staff satisfaction, better donor relationships, and more effective fundraising in the animal welfare sector including:

  • Synergy of AI and Human Interaction: The complementary role of AI in human-centric fundraising, offering a nuanced view of how technology can enhance, rather than replace, the personal touch that is crucial in successful fundraising efforts.
  • AI-Driven Efficiency: Insights into how AI automates mundane tasks, freeing up valuable staff time for strategic, high-impact work.
  • Enhanced Donor Engagement with AI: Exploring AI tools for better donor identification, engagement, and predictive analytics, leading to more targeted and successful fundraising efforts.
  • Practical Implementation: Navigating the ethical considerations and practical aspects of implementing AI in fundraising, with real-world examples from the animal welfare sector.
Bri MacBain Image

P2P Fundraising for Animal Rescue and Medical Needs

Bri MacBain, Digital Specialist, BC SPCA & Co-founder Edge Web Apps

Running a P2P animal rescue/medical fundraising fundraising site is easier than ever, and even smaller organizations can run a site successfully with modern automation tools and without a web developer or expensive build process.

Key Learnings:

  1. How to setup, run, and successfully fundraise using a P2P animal rescue site for your organization.
  2. Staff requirements, costs involved, software you can use, what can you automate (especially if you’re a small organization).
  3. Payment processors you can use as well will be covered, how to import data from your site to your database of record (eg bringing data into Raiser’s Edge)

Panel: Empowering Equity, Diversity and Reconciliation in the Animal Welfare Sector

Michelle Muri (she/her), Co-Founder of Community Centric Fundraising, Sareeta Lopez (she/her) Program Manager at Vancouver Humane Society and Trevor Harvey (he/him) Senior Officer Philanthropy, BC SPCA

The panel will discuss how to bring up conversations and integrate equity, diversity and reconciliation (EDR) practices into both external and internal processes, assess challenges with embedding EDR philosophy and practices into organizations (both big and small) and share some incremental steps to help your organization learn and grow.

Pioneering Upstream Solutions in Dog Welfare: Dogs Trust Ireland’s Journey of Leadership and Innovation

Johann Fox, Head of Development, Dogs Trust Ireland

In this session, we will explore the transformative journey of Dogs Trust Ireland as we integrate the proactive, problem-preventing strategies from Dan Heath’s “Upstream” into our operations, coupled with the empowering leadership principles of Brené Brown’s “Dare to Lead.” As we approach our 20th year in Ireland, we’re evolving to meet the challenges of dog welfare head-on, by fostering a culture of anticipation and innovation. This presentation will discuss how embracing these methodologies is enabling us to provide new avenues for our donors, including major contributors, to engage with and support ground-breaking upstream solutions. We’ll share insights into our strategic pivot towards leadership in our sector, aiming to not just respond to but to anticipate and mitigate issues before they escalate.

  1. Understanding of Upstream Thinking: Gain a comprehensive understanding of how Dogs Trust Ireland is applying upstream thinking to identify and tackle root causes of dog welfare issues before they arise, setting a new standard in the sector.
  2. Leadership Insights: Learn how the principles of “Dare to Lead” are being integrated into Dogs Trust Ireland’s ethos to cultivate leadership qualities that drive positive change and innovation in animal welfare.
  3. Engagement Strategies: Discover innovative ways Dogs Trust Ireland is engaging donors, especially major donors, with upstream solutions, fostering a deeper connection and commitment to animal welfare.
  4. Blueprint for Action: Take away a blueprint for applying upstream and leadership principles in your own organization or initiatives, empowering you to lead with courage and foresight in tackling complex challenges.

Predicting Legacy Gifts: The Good, The Learnings, and The Results

Jennifer Robins, Director, Business Development, Environics Analytics & Danielle Sharp, Manager, Direct Response, BC SPCA

With the greatest intergenerational transfer of wealth going on right now, a challenge for organizations is forecasting legacy gift revenue. Albeit a nice problem to have, this has impacts on the programs and services that can then be offered. Join the BC SPCA and Environics Analytics as they walk through their legacy modeling journey – spoiler, there were a few bumps along the way! We will cover the project process, results, operationalizing, and the changes BC SPCA has seen with its legacy program.

  • How to take your legacy giving program and take it to the next level using predictive analytics
  • Learn what key data points you need to be capturing in your database to leverage for data and analytics
  • Get tips and advice on getting organizational buy-in at all levels, including board and staff, and steps you can take today to get started

Social Enterprise for Nonprofits in animal welfare

Jme Thomas, Executive Director, motley zoo animal rescue

This session will discuss adding social enterprise ventures to nonprofit missions using case studies/ examples of successful animal welfare related ventures.

Key learnings:

  • Assess whether social enterprise can benefit your mission
  • Identify options for enterprise ventures
  • Learn a systematic approach to establishing enterprise concepts

Top 10 Learnings in Animal Welfare Fundraising

Mary Saretski, Director, Donor & Stakeholder Relations Edmonton Humane Society

Having recently passed her two year anniversary at the Edmonton Humane Society Mary will share with you her top 10 learnings in animal welfare fundraising and community outreach, including: one interesting planned giving prospect you may never have considered, some tips on engaging media, the best (non-case for support) case for support and much more.

Mary will use her storytelling approach to presenting to share some of her top tips, this session is guaranteed to spark conversation and get you thinking!

Key Learnings:

  • What unique major/planned gift prospects you have
  • Ways to engage the media that support brand awareness and fundraising
  • Unique ways to cultivate and steward your donors and sponsors

Tugging at Heartstrings Without Pulling Punches: The New Rules of Fundraising

Jolene Miklas, Associate Creative Director, TrueSense Marketing & Angie MacAlpine, Vice President, Creative Director, TrueSense Marketing

Should an effective fundraising campaign make you feel … uncomfortable? How does a responsible fundraiser blend today’s best practices with tried-and-true tactics? Have we gone too far – even hiding the reality of animal abuse and suffering from our donors? This session dives into the “new ways” of fundraising and how compassionate storytelling can help lead the way to more humane communities … without abandoning our animals’ needs. We’ll dive into a successful campaign that combines a modern approach with traditional best practices, and show how it boosted revenue in a slow summer fundraising season.

Key Learnings:

  • Understanding the importance and value of strength-based storytelling in 2024.
  • How to apply “the new way” without sacrificing urgency — and revenue.
  • Learning how to balance positive messaging with real-life problems.
  • Ways to position donors as partners in humane communities.
Julie Edwards the non profit maven

Unlocking the Power of Digital Marketing for Nonprofit Fundraising

Julie Edwards dba The Nonprofit Maven

Are your fundraising and marketing strategies married up and hitched at the hip? If not, it may be time to re-evaluate.

In the most successful nonprofits, the marketing and fundraising efforts work hand in hand because leadership understands that marketing is vital to growing and retaining donors and donations.

Ensuring your marketing and fundraising work hand-in-hand means your messaging and branding are consistent, your social media supports appeals and campaigns, and your communications are focused on informing and thanking donors. Includes:

  • Choosing the best social media platforms and digital marketing options for your organization
  • What should your organization be talking about, and how to create touchpoints across multiple channels
  • How frequently should you contact supporters

What Sydney learnt from Detroit: A For the Paws Tale of Collaboration

Kristy Blake, General Manager - Animal Operations, Fundraising and Communications, RSPCA NSW, Ursula McGeown, General Manager - Community & Engagement, RSPCA NSW, Doug Plant, COO Michigan Humane Society & Tom Varitek VP, Communications Michigan Humane Society

RSPCA NSW is on a journey of change. Mission delivery change, fundraising change, language change – everything change! But there was one thing we knew we did not want to do… reinvent the wheel. Sparked through For the Paws itself – hear how RSPCA NSW and Michigan Humane have crossed oceans to collaborate on how RSPCA NSW can be an industry leader in Australia without having to ‘start from scratch’. All through the power of connection.

  • The power of connection and collaboration .
  • There is SO much to be learnt from other organisations regardless of location

plus workshops to come!


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