For the Paws Summit

The only international
fundraising conference for
animal welfare charities.

April 3rd-5th, 2023
Virtual, from anywhere!

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A: You should have received your receipt by email. Please search for subject line “Your receipt for For the Paws April 3rd-5th 2023” in your inbox and junk folder. If you don’t find it please email (see contacts below) and we’ll issues a replacement.

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Hundreds of animal welfare fundraisers from 6 countries

Coming together to share, learn from our peers and build a network.

Together, we represent thousands of years of experience –
just think of how many more animals we can help when we harness that collective wisdom!

Who should attend the Summit?

Everybody who fundraises for animal welfare should attend!

  • Sessions will showcase directly applicable successful and innovative fundraising practices within the animal welfare movement.
  • The Summit is designed to facilitate dialogue with fundraising peers internationally with networking sessions by area. Attendees will leave with an international network of peers in their fundraising area to share innovations, best practices and solutions.
  • Pricing and complimentary registrations are intended to make it easier for leaders to sign up their entire team.


The Summit runs 2.5 hours a day over 3 days in order to get many time zones together during at the same time. Our apologies if your local hours are a bit (or a lot!) anti-social! All session recordings will be available to attendees 7-10 days after the event.

Here’s the times:  
UK & Europe (BST)  20:30-23:00  April 3,4 &5
North America (PDT) 12:30 to 15:00  April 3,4 &5
Australasia (AEST)  5:30-8:00 April 4,5 & 6

You can convert based on a 12:30 PDT start time to your local time here.

Day 1

Time elapsed

Grand Hall

Session Room 1

Session Room 2

Session Room 3


Opening: Eric Rubin-Engaging Networks & Shoni Field-FTP/BC SPCA


1a Big shop, small shop, old shop, new shop

2a Photo Contests

3a Conducting Successful Donor Visits & Making Effective Solicitations the Ask






1b Where and how to find new supporters in the digital space (panel)

2b 5 Steps to Building a Campaign-Ready Major Gifts Program

3b  Data Focused Donor Stewardship


Closing Remarks

Closing Remarks

Closing Remarks

Day 2

Grand Hall

Session Room 1

Session Room 2

Session Room 3


1c: Monthly Donor Acquisition

2c Raise 300% More with a Little Love

3c 5 digital innovations to implement today


1d: Animal Emergency Funds

2d  To Raise Funds For Animals, First See the Humanity in People

3d Fundraising Unicorns - Is it hard to find them, keep them and engage them?


Topical Discussion Rooms

Day 3

Grand Hall

Session Room 1

Session Room 2

Session Room 3


Opening Remarks 

Opening Remarks 

Opening Remarks 


1e Securing the Future with the Gift of a Lifetime: Legacy Donors *

2e Equity in Animal Welfare - Impact versus Intent 

3e  Michigan Humane: Update 






1f  Corporate Team Building Days at Shelter*  

2f Making Cruelty Uncool and Connecting with Communities through TikTok

3f Engaging Your Community Through Live Crowdfunding 


Closing: Eric Rubin-Engaging Networks & Shoni Field-FTP/BC SPCA

* 1e runs 80 minutes in total and 1f runs 40 minutes

2023 Sessions

Carol Spychalski and Brian Daugherty

5 Steps to Building a Campaign-Ready Major Gifts Program

Carol Spychalski, AVP of Philanthropy, San Diego Humane Society & Brian Daugherty, Chief Philanthropy & Comms Officer, San Diego Humane Society

Is your major-gift program ready for a capital or comprehensive campaign? Without an effective major-gifts program, success with a large-scale campaign is not achievable. Join us to unlock five essential elements to harness the power of your major-gifts program and ensure you’re ready to meet the needs of your upcoming campaign. Participants will leave with real-world examples they can implement immediately. In this presentation, we cover hiring, data, stewardship, creating meaningful giving opportunities and engaging organizational leadership.

Gemma Weedell

Animal Emergency Funds: a win for digital fundraising and donor acquisition

Gemma Weedall, Direct Fundraising Manager, RSPCA South Australia

RSPCA South Australia will share learnings from their Animal Emergency Funds (AEFs) – GoFundMe-style fundraising appeals that cover the cost of a specific animal’s medical care.

These small-scale fundraisers require minimal investment, so are a great option for smaller charities to gain new donors on a shoestring budget!

Key Learnings:

  • Why AEFs have become an indispensable component of our digital strategy
  • What makes a strong AEF candidate
  • How you can start running similar appeals, even with a small team & budget
Charly Jarrett, Specialist, Digital Giving, BC SPCA & Vanessa Lee (CFRE), Senior Officer Philanthropy, BC SPCA

Big shop, small shop, old shop, new shop: wherever your org is, this is what works.

Charly Jarrett, Director of Development AND Communications, Veterinarians without Borders & Vanessa Lee (CFRE), Manager, Resource Development, Veterinarians Without Borders

Big shops, small shops, old orgs, new non-profits, fully remote or in office, if you haven’t worked in each, it’s hard to know what translates in each environment. What can we learn from each other and what should we maybe accept won’t work for us. Charly and Vanessa will talk you through the ups, downs and growing pains from all perspectives. Best practices that will work for everyone, no matter your size, and things that we have walked away from.

Key Learnings:

• The journey so far being part of animal welfare focused orgs of all sizes

• How to streamline processes & create an efficient workflow

+ Handy calendar templates for ask/acquisition activities

Matt Pepper - President & CEO, Doug Plant - Chief Operating Officer, Tom Varitek - Vice President of Marketing & Jamie Westrick- Chief Philanthropy Officer, Michigan Humane

Building a More Humane Community Update

Matt Pepper – President & CEO, Doug Plant – Chief Operating Officer, Tom Varitek – Vice President of Marketing & Jamie Westrick- Chief Philanthropy Officer, Michigan Humane

In 2022, Michigan Humane launched its vision to move Metro Detroit from one of the least pet-friendly cities in the country to the most humane in America by 2030. To support our vision, we launched a campaign to raise $16.5M in operating support. We are on-track to our goal in our first year. In the next phase, Michigan Humane will expand its community programs to serve Detroit’s 160,000 under-resourced pets and families. Join us to learn about our progress and strategies to meeting our community’s needs and how you can implement. 

Key Learnings:

1. Update on Building a More Humane Community Campaign dollars and donor count

2. Strategies for engaging Leadership donors across all segments

3. What’s next – expansion of community work, impact measures and funding needs

Brian Daugherty

Conducting Successful Donor Visits & Making Effective Solicitations the Ask

Brian Daugherty, Chief Philanthropy & Communications Officer, San Diego Humane Society

Many donor visits don’t go as planned due to poor planning and an inability to successfully manage the meeting. This session will guide you through the process of conducting successful donor meetings that culminate with making strong solicitations.

Key Learnings:

  1. Better understanding of how to structure successful donor meetings
  2. Specific language to use to throughout a donor visit from introduction to solicitation
Anne Keyvar

Corporate Team Building Days at Shelter

Anne Keyvar, Corporate Philanthropy Manager, RSPCA NSW

Hear how RSPCA NSW grew their Corporate Support Day program from booking one company a month to three companies a week and plan to grow their corporate ‘volunteering’ income from $28k to $230k

Key learnings:

  • Collaborating with shelter team on program activities
  • Investing in full time staff member to manage and host program
  • Social media advertising and content
Cheyanne Richardson and Lisa Mulholland

Data Focused Donor Stewardship

Cheyanne Richardson, Campaign Director Brant County SPCA & Lisa Mulholland CFRE, Founder Mulholland Drive

The power of strategic integration between personalized communication and clean data to drive results.

In a world of scams and misleading information, how do we build trust with our stakeholders? Your fundraising plans are only as good as your data. A clean donor database and animal care CRM has an incredible impact on personal donor stewardship to increase retention and acquisition. Utilize strategic data planning to build a robust donor stewardship plan in advance of high fundraising season. Keep it personal by using data segmentation to personally engage with each donor and retain more donors (especially monthly donors!). Learn from cases including some direct mail segmentation and a new adopter to donor acquisition program.

Domenica & Kristen

Engaging Your Community Through Live Crowdfunding

Domenica Nascimento, Manager, Philanthropy, RSPCA NSW & Kristen Lark, The Funding Network

RSPCA NSW and The Funding Network Australia (TFN), will share the story of two hybrid live crowdfunding events in support of the RSPCA NSW and the ups, downs and lessons learned along the way. More details to come.

Equity in Animal Welfare – Impact versus Intent

Rickesh Lakhani, Lead Consultant and Founder, Radiance Advisory and Liz LeClair, Co-Founder & Partner, Saragasso Philanthropic

The demographics of the non-profit sector are mirrored in animal welfare. We are a predominantly white, female, and cis-gendered profession. Lack of diversity at the management, leadership, and board tables leads to funding decisions lacking equitable practices.

This discussion will explore the ways that animal welfare needs to focus on equitable hiring and funding practices to ensure greater impact in all aspects of our work.

Key learnings:

Looking at JAIDE (Justice, Access, Inclusion, Diversity, Equity) and how it can be applied to the animal welfare sector.

Looking at how we work with our individual, foundation, and corporate partners to focus on impact at the local and regional levels with a JAIDE lens.

charly jarrett

Five digital innovations to implement today


No fancy description needed! Straight forward simple digital hacks, tools & strategies you can bring to your org tomorrow that will bring instant results. This session is about rethinking the way we already do things, with examples to show you what one little tweak can do.

Kristy Blake, General Manager – Animal Operations, Fundraising & Communications, RSPCA NSW

Fundraising Unicorns – Is it hard to find them, keep them and engage them?

Kristy Blake, General Manager – Animal Operations, Fundraising & Communications, RSPCA NSW

In a global market of fierce talent competition where the lines have been blurred between Commercial and Not For Profit recruitment, how can you build or maintain a solid, skilled and motivated fundraising team on a Not for Profit budget?

Key Learnings:

1. Practical ideas from other NFP professionals on how they engage their team

2. ways to get the recruitment ‘edge’ on an NFP budget.

3. What can the NFP industry and charities in general do to improve the way we remunerate and value our fundraising people.

James Arentz

Making Cruelty Uncool and Connecting with Communities through TikTok

James Arentz, Inspector, RSPCA NSW

In July 2022, RSPCA New South Wales (RSPCA NSW) embarked on a new program utilising TikTok and our Inspectors to seek out and communicate with parts of our community who did not traditionally take in our messaging in through traditional forms like our website, Facebook and Instagram by using this unique but relatable concept of communication.

What we found:

  1. TikTok has become an untapped channel of quick and dynamic messaging that was traditionally looked upon as an ‘app for kids and millennials’ but has become a widespread and popularly utilised application.
  2. TikTok allowed our agency to confront and take on some of the myths. controversy and difficult conversations surrounding the work of our Inspectorate and shelter operations.
  3. Animal welfare agencies have been slow to take up participation in TikTok and that traditionally, this involved material featuring animals and ‘eye candy’ with mixed results.
  4. TikTok however favours that personable, community involvement and interaction and this was the manner in which RSPCA NSW engaged with our audiences and garner a large genuine following through the app.

Bethan Francis

Monthly Donor Acquisition: A multi channel approach

Bethan Francis, Managing Director, StratCom UK

Multi channel ‘Lead generation campaigns’ offer the power of direct dialogue (think high conversion), scalability and intelligent audience targeting.  Such programs have grown significantly in number and size over the last 5-6 years, generating thousands of new regular givers every year for charities and non-profits, and are showing no signs of slowing down.

Stratcom will share learning and insight from many years of running these multi-channel programs, across many clients. They will share how to optimize programs through the ultimate combination of social, email and phone. The pros and cons of different approaches such as value-exchange, hand-raiser and petition led campaigns, and outline what they have found to be the optimum conversion donor journey, taking your leads from ‘prospect’ to ‘donor’ in record time.

Bobbie and Alina

Photo Contests – The P2P Fundraiser that’s a paw-fect fit for animal welfare orgs.  

Alina Wilson, Senior Officer Digital Giving, BC SPCA and Bobbie Barnes, Director of Philanthropy, Annual & Corporate Giving, San Diego Humane Society

Adding a new peer to peer campaign to your calendar can be a huge undertaking, but photo contests are easy to set up and run and can be adapted to fit organisational capacity.  You won’t have trouble convincing supporters of what they already know – their dog/cat deserves to be a winner!

Key Learnings

  • How to easily launch a contest with GoGo Photo
  • Different approaches to the photo contest concept
  • Tried and true marketing strategies

Julie Edwards the non profit maven

Raise 300% More with a Little Love: Donor Relations Strategies to Generate More Income

Julie Edwards, CEO & Founder, The Nonprofit Maven

Do you struggle year after year to grow your fundraising income? Is your team small and spread thin thus looking for the best “bang for your buck”? Does it seem like you lose donors faster than you can bring new ones in?

Then this is for you!

Julie Edwards, formerly a development director and executive director for a regional animal welfare facility, will share her insider knowledge of how she increased her organization’s fundraising income by 300% over three years.

The simple answer: Donor Relations.

Key learnings:

– Why donor relations is the most critical part of your fundraising plan,

– How you can get started ASAP creating magical donor moments for little or no money,

– “Next steps” for organizations who have thanking down but are ready to go to the next level with their stewardship, and

– Examples of proven donor relation strategies that work for animal welfare!

Heidi, June, Jenny and Nan

Securing the Future with the Gift of a Lifetime: Legacy Donors

June Hom, Director of Planned Giving, San Francisco SPCA, Heidi Boyd, Planned Giving Officer, Michigan Humane, Jenny Mueller CFRE, Vice President of Development, Wisconsin Human Society and Nan Zimmerman, Development Officer Marin Humane

With the largest generational transfer of wealth under way, now is the time to assess and prepare your organization to solicit and secure planned gifts. This roundtable panel will provide four different organizations’ perspectives and share inspiration, tips, and tricks that are applicable for organizations of all sizes. Whether your team is a development department of one or a large shop, this presentation is sure to offer useful ways so you can strategically maximize legacy giving in your fundraising efforts.

Jolene and Jenny

To Raise Funds For Animals, First See the Humanity in People: Ethical Storytelling For Animal Organizations

Jolene Miklas, Associate Creative Director, TrueSense Marketing & Jenny Dougherty, Associate Creative Director, TrueSense Marketing

Our industry is evolving, and so are the words and messages that matter to animal donors. This session will demonstrate why new standards for ethical storytelling matter, and how to take a hard look at the “old way” of raising funds for your organization. We’ll share concrete ways you can implement ethical fundraising practices into your copy and design. We’ll explore new ways to position your donors, and how to appeal to your desire to build a world that’s guided by compassion.

Key learnings:

1. Understanding ethical storytelling and why it matters to animal donors in 2023.

2. How to apply ethical storytelling practices to animal fundraising: copy and design.

3. How to strike a balance: using positive messaging without “whitewashing” the need.

Wyn Ashley Isla and Megan

Where and how to find new supporters in the digital space

Wyn Furman, Director of Digital Communications & Philanthropy, San Diego Humane | Ashley Zeh, Director of Communications, Lollypop Farm | Isla Pullinger, Senior Officer Digital Giving, BC SPCA | Megan Baker, Marketing Executive, RSPCA UK

From free Emergency Stickers to puppy naming competitions, webinars to petitions; there are so many ways to attract new people to engage with your organization. This session will explore how different organizations, across different continents, approach building their supporter base through digital lead generation. We all need to continue growing our network of supporters year over year – but can you just run the same campaigns over and over?

Key learnings:

  1. New lead gen approaches that you might not have thought about
  2. Insight into annual lead gen activities that deliver
  3. A free Emergency Sticker template in Canva to start your next campaign

plus more!


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